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Most of the year I have spent relishing the moment, sitting back and letting my senses soak in the sights and the sounds and the smells around me. I’ve been constantly making my abyss of calm in a setting constantly threatening to overwhelm. At home with the family and then in the city that I work in.

My heart ofcourse is where the home and my child is. We have a dream home with a pretty terrace garden with a tree and a step ladder with balconies everywhere overlooking water bodies. Now with the winters on we have a set of pretty little flower pots, a total delight. My favourite part of the day is the morning having my coffee, reading the paper waiting for the little whine from upstairs. Cookie wakes up and stands on the stair making these little noises waiting for me to carry her downstairs and cuddle up on the sofa. Groggy and just waking, this is her nicest self going on to be her bratty tantrumic avatar as the day progresses.

I love pottering around the kitchen baking for her and she is always with me insisting she does the combining and the mixing. This is the year when my love for baking has really come to the fore front mostly for her. More of that in another blog. Dropping her off to school and picking her up, going to the super market shopping with her and  her dada. Watching the two of them play hide and seek and catch me. And dada’s funny bed time stories … Sample this … Goldie locks was born in Ohio USA and her name is Hana Montana all with a twisted accent.

And then ofcourse there is the other half of my life in Bangalore sharing space with a couple of others. Again I have carved out my space and I have a nice big terrace all to myself. My favourite part of the day is having my coffee with the plants, the birds chirping, water below and the sky above.  am beginning to spend weekends all on my own and that’s lovely too.

All of my life I have been extrovert always planning to meet friends whenever I have some free time or going off shopping or driving around to keep myself busy. So this inner tranquility that I am finding in my own company away from the hustle and bustle is totally new and filled with possibilities. Or I may just be getting old

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