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In this materialistic world, Sourav Ghosh is an anomaly. Ironically, modern technology and the internet frees him from being enslaved and shackled in city drudgery, allowing him to live in an idyllic world far removed and unconnected to a clockwork linked existence and at the same time achieve a professional success that is aspirational to many. He lives life with his parents, three grandparents and a cat in Midnapur taking each day as it comes, delivering projects, supervising his virtual team, dancing in the rain and pottering around in the kitchen when we live life stuck in traffic jams and in conference rooms. Proclaiming himself to be an introvert at the core, his life was transformed in meeting countless people through Direct Selling and Social Media. He uses his interpersonal skills, learning from experiences and spreading the learnings. And in a world of duplicitous identities, he is earnest, calling for real interactions, advocating for an online world that is authentic, meaningful and devoid of spamming and forging offline bonds. In that he becomes a key influencer in an otherwise lackluster community.


Sourav Ghosh


His story inspires as he has carved out his life so distinct yet his is an upbringing that is quite the norm. His parents’ ambition was for him to be an engineer. Being good at academics, he didn’t question the path his parents chose but admits to never enjoying text book learning as compared to lessons learnt from real life experiences. In his second year of engineering he joined direct selling and there on, post much resistance and standing his ground  ​continued the path of entrepreneurship. This wasn’t easy to come by and, in his words, breaking away from tradition of salaried employment in a middle class suburban society, was akin to being treated like a doped up teenage father. This was the time when the potential of the world-wide web was fast unfurling with the advent of social media. Having minimal capital, Sourav decided to leverage the digital world to spread the word and in that embarked on the journey of becoming a thought leader in the field of digital marketing. He says he has been a regular in the social media scene for over 6 years and understands the evolution of social media, the algorithms and what makes it tick.



Today he is a sought after digital marketing consultant with international clientele, charging a fee in U.S Dollars, for consulting services, hosting and servicing webpages and handling digital marketing campaigns for his clients. The testimonials he has earned himself from his distinguished clientele vouch universally of a delivery oriented professional, understanding intuitively the client needs and rendering personalized services crafted to meet unique individual requirements. Sourav additionally hosts a “live your best life tv” where he displays a bucolic passion and can do spirit, symbolic of the new age Indian, and a sincerity that is honest and endearing.



Interestingly we meet Sourav as the pioneer of a blogger forum and the original intent was to write about Sourav Ghosh, the blogger. Being rank outsiders, it was refreshing to be part of a community that was not only welcoming but proactively providing pointers on social media etiquette and even feedback on our webpage. For the uninitiated, no forum reaches out to newbies and in most cases the interaction is superficial and constituting of an impersonal newsfeed of blog updates. Here we found a forum that is warm, personable, providing feedback and engaging in conversations on a wide variety of subjects. And we gauge that the mood is really set by Sourav who started adding value to the community when some of his friends kicked off the Kolkata blogger forum in early 2014. While opening the doors of his blogger home, being kind and grounded, Sourav is at the same time assertive reiterating that he would not allow for spams.

Sourav ‘s profound insight into blogging is that the more the bloggers, the better for the world at large, since there is more free information that creates a ripple effect, educating a large spectrum of people who otherwise have no access to premium institutes and expensive course material. His own example he shares providing insight, where he and his team, are today digital marketing consultants, learning not in universities but from bloggers, experts in their field, who have written extensively about the nuances.

In our personal opinion, the world is a better place because of Sourav Ghosh. And although he doesn’t do charity, claiming he dislikes the connotation associated with it, his story goes under “giving back to society” since he wants to help as many people in as many ways as he can.



​​Sourav‘s webpage says he inspires others to live their best life and simply calls himself a marketing consultant. He is much more, a blogger, a spiritual person, a good human being, and a life coach, touching many who come through his path, evidenced by ardent testimonials of young people calling him their teacher and Guru. He opens his heart and his mind embracing the world, calling people he has never met akin to family, putting his life fully out on the Internet, displaying a vulnerability and unafraid of being judged, while living in a comforting cocoon. And good karma in his mind goes around and in his words he only associates with good people learning and imbibing and spreading the learning even from everyday experiences. Sourav embraces the serendipity of life as long as it resonates with his heart, not worried about conforming to a societal image. When we ask him where he sees himself a decade from now, his response half in jest is that he might end up selling coconut water in a beach hut with the love of his life. And for his sake we hope he is able to realize that dream.




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