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Kathy radiates warmth and a vibe of being truly interested in people even if she were to greet that person in passing. Kathy says she wanted to be a teacher, growing up in Australia, from the tender age of 5, because she wanted genuinely to help people. She achieved her ambition in part by becoming a trainer in the Australian Navy. She later joined Shell in HR first as a generalist and eventually moved back into the training function, gathering experiences living in Iran, Dubai, Malaysia and ultimately following her heart joining her partner and taking on coaching in India.

To Kathy, coaching is the most evolved form of helping a person realise full potential with a focused approach to reaching the individual’s goals and aspirations. Coaching is a relatively new phenomenon in India and has several fields of specializations viz., life coaching, health coaching and professional coaching like the one Kathy pursues. Mentoring from a professional context is a senior professional showing a younger, less experienced professional the way by citing examples from the mentor’s own experiences. Counselling most often deals with emotions and past experiences and healing.


Coaching in comparison is an equal relationship between the coach and the coachee and is futuristic and action oriented.


Kathy believes, the approach is the most effective form of adding value to an individual. The starting point is by painting a picture of the individual’s goal followed with sketching the present reality. From there on the coach using a series of open ended questions, helps harness the individual’s thought processes to arrive at the answers to achieve the stated goal. The key here is that the approach to reaching the goal is arrived at by the coachee. This has maximum probability of being implemented because the path discovered during the coaching session is what is most suited to the individual’s personality type and therefore an action item the coachee is innately comfortable with.

My personal coaching experiences with Kathy, spanning two years have been richly rewarding to me. She helped me structure my thoughts and priorities helping identify short term and medium term goals. At one point we weaved in my personal goals, concluding together that this is critical for me to be effective in the professional space. We have reviewed goals and actions together moving on to the need of the hour as circumstances have evolved building over prior progress made.



Basing the above, list down a set of smart (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and with a target timeline) action items, up to a maximum of 5 at a time. Post this is done, set a review date to review the goal post, validity of the goal and actions arrived at.  If a personal commitment is made, in Kathy’s view, it is also good to declare the goal and actions committed on to a friend or family member. This helps as a gentle nudge when motivation is in dire need.

Self-coaching can be applied to any life situation from losing weight to setting up a business to getting a better work life balance or even when learning a new skill. The coaching model can also be used  by organizations to help teams collaborate effectively.



Kathy conducts coaching sessions for individuals and organizations in several countries. Furthermore, she has collaborated and created a partnership with a team of ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited and qualified coaches, trainers and facilitators who are of a like mind and have a strong passion for developing talent and emerging leaders. The Malaysian based company, BMC Global, strongly believes that coaching is one of the essential skills in the 21st century for greater engagement, productivity, performance and the achievement of goals for both individuals and organizations.

Please feel free to drop Kathy a mail at for further coaching advice as an individual, as an organization or even if coaching interests you as a profession to take up.



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