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Luxury Spa for Canine and Feline Guests

Shevar services a unique clientele constituting of canines and felines, pets of indulgent and affluent owners who can afford to provide them with the luxury of spa treatments and salon like grooming. The brain child of dentist couple, Sherry and Varun, Shevar stakes the claim as the first such spa in the country. The couple went on to do a professional course in pet grooming in Singapore and later in the US before coming back and setting up their establishment in Bangalore. They are on a mission to improve the lifestyle of pooches, cats and rabbits. And their USP is tender loving care and the ability to make docile even ferocious dogs and lull them into relaxing and enjoying a soothing massage.



Their story makes for a fascinating fairy tale. Dentist Boy meets dentist girl. They fall in love. Girl defies parents to marry the boy. They go off to Singapore for their honeymoon. Comes by a dog spa. Stays on to learn doggie grooming for a good part of a year, gives up their core profession to start their own enterprise.  They go on to acquire two dogs and have a child and spend most of their waking life together overseeing and personally rendering services to their guests. The early years filled with tribulations with the family not supportive, where setting up dentistry would have been the path of least resistance and guaranteed returns. Sticking it out and following their heart meant that breaking even took about a half year. The clientele started trickling in and eventually became a barrage for whom the couple are hard pressed to find appointment slots. The couple rely mainly on word of mouth marketing and now is much sought after by the print media.



Krishma came across the couple in her quest to groom her dogs Tanny, an adorable golden retriever and Shizu, a little soft toy with spring under his paws. Varun was able to spot intuitively that Tanny was struggling with potential obesity and a troublesome back and put her on a weight loss programme. The dogs and the families are dear friends today and to Krishma they are a sweet natured and customer oriented couple. Clearly she is not alone in her assessment and there is much love pouring in as is witnessed by the testimonials both of the people and doggy varieties. Our pick is the dog who had to stay on for 5 hours and was much reluctant to go back to its owner. Besides, their skill at grooming and masseur services, Sherry and Varun deploy their dentistry to improve oral health of their clientele.

Sherry’s interview to lives less ordinary was insightful. She continually refers to the pet owners as parents and the pets in her vocabulary are babies. Sherry was the inspiration behind Shevar. Their page is a reflection of the philosophies on dogs. On Mother’s Day was a greeting for all pet parents with an image of a heart hand encompassing four paws. And snippets that speak of how being with a dog is as glorious and serene as meditating or yoga.



Personally both of us love and adore dogs. It can seem frivolous when faced with the reality that large swathes of the populace is mired in poverty. In the larger scheme of things there is probably something not quite right with income disparities and resource distributions tending to our four legged companions. But as is another quote from Shevar’s page, every dog deserves a home, not every home deserves a dog. They bring unconditional love and the world is surely a better place because of them.



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