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I know the world doesn’t need another food blog. I just got some cute pics with my red velvet cup cakes with beets I couldn’t resist. This is just for my journal for later reference.

We never keep all purpose refined flour in the house so I always substitute half and half of wheat and oats for all baking instead of the white refined flour.

Manju and family are coming over for dinner on New Year’s Eve and she mentioned never having tasted the red velvet cake which got me inspired to make the red velvet. Beets was the natural choice for the color. I’ve tried grating it and putting it in raw but that leaves a distinct beet flavour. So on googling I got two options to use beets either by roasting it or boiling it, the latter seemingly showing better results.

The traditional Red velvets uses vinegar and sour cream or butter milk. My variation uses white chocolate and cream.

Ingredients – Cake

1 cup – whole wheat

1 cup – oats powdered

1 cup – beet boiled and blended

150 gms – white chocolate

1/2 cup – fresh cream

1 table spoon –  chocolate

1 teaspoon – baking powder

50 gms – butter

1 – egg

Chocolate ganache

1/2 cup – cream

100 gms – chocolate


Microwave cream and white chocolate

Combine blended beets and white chocolate cream with the beaten egg and melted butter and fold over dry ingredients

Mix dry ingredients

The cake batter would ideally be in a dripping consistency

Pour into muffin moulds or cake mould

Bake for 25 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius

I just microwave ingredients for the ganache for 30 seconds .. And pour over the cake … Also is great to serve with strawberries



Happy Baking

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