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The first time my 3 year old daughter had a fancy dress competition at school was in November last year. We heard about it a week or two ahead of the day and I procrastinated. The day got closer and I continued to dither. And the day arrived. My quickie solution was to drag some liner across and outside her eyes and some blood like lipstick across her mouth and send her to school in ordinary clothes. The teacher looks at her, looks at me with a question in her eyes. And I sheepishly say she is meant to be a “vampire”. With the peacock girl, fairy princesses and the kids in superhero costumes and monkey suits, my girl must have felt out of place. To my relief she had company. But I promised to myself I will do better for her sake the next time around.



I draw inspiration from Linda. While am impulsive and very last minute, Linda is a planner. In our girlie group on whatsapp, we’d hear about every occasion she is planning for and executing out much ahead of time, be it a dinner or packing for summer vacation. So also the kid’s b’day parties and school events. And she is tremendously successful at it.



Linda is settled in Dubai with two beautiful girls Kathy and Kia. The first time Linda’s talent made an impression to me was when Kathy, the older child had a theme event at school. She had planned out an Egyptian costume. We’d first see concept pictures, dress rehearsals and finally little Kathy as a la Cleopatra all ready for the event. The thing is Linda pulled the big finale off during the time her younger one was hospitalised.


My inspiration is first and foremost my little girls who drive me crazy and keep me on my toe always.Jokes apart!! Yes,I love to see the smiles and happiness on their faces,when they get to dress up in the costumes of their favourite characters on their special day like their Birthdays etc.


Every b’day and school event, Linda starts to prep at least a month in advance. She first identifies the concept she wants to work with and the theme, calling Google her best friend. She then works with her tailor who puts together the concept. The concept comes together with dress rehearsals, refittings and accessorisations. And she insists that all this is done on rather efficiently, calling her approach as “Sast mein mast”.

What I totally love is she involves her girls and has fun doing all this. Her girls love to pose for the dress rehearsals. And we are quite the lucky audience to get clicks of the effervescent girls, throwing attitude the camera’s way, clearly enjoying and relishing all the attention


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