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Spatial Designer Duo – Rohit & Tashnim

In the quest for a designer home, we stumble upon Rohit and Tashnim, an architecture couple who have professionally teamed up in the world of Architecture & Interior design, co-owning Relizant Structures Pvt.Ltd. The home we find designed by the couple, appeals to our design aesthetic that is modern with clean lines, fluid spaces, floor to ceiling windows, incorporating black, white and grey colours and building in elements of character with an exposed brick wall, diffused lighting and wall space for artefacts.



On a nice sunny morning, we meet for the interview in the couple’s home, in the holy month of Ramzan, and Tashnim’s mother in law, a Jain, has just sent her Iftaar to break her fast. Krishma is thrilled to find ‘a warm and lovely couple’ in her words with an open minded and liberal outlook to life. Rohit practices Jainism and Tashnim also partakes in Jain festivities and traditions while still keeping her faith.

Tashnim has grown up in the beautifully green valleys of Duliajan, Assam and is nudged into architecture by her father. She took up an architectural course professionally in the MS Ramiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore and worked with Kavinda Rai Chaudhary in Delhi. In the meanwhile, Rohit having dabbled in other businesses including his father’s bullion trade and construction of turnkey projects had found that his heart really was in interior design. Rohit met Tashnim in one of the turnkey projects, her having moved into Bangalore experiencing that  the acceptance and respect for her profession were higher in the city than it was in Delhi. The two decided to get married and also set up Relizant Structures Pvt.Ltd., combining three companies and creating a one stop shop for spaces including consulting, architecture, landscaping and interior design and decor solutions. Both are directors of Relizant and between them carry well over three decades of experience in designing interiors and architecture.



Relizant’s key purpose as the couple put it is “client service” and “design excellence”. Rohit is integral to how the project shapes up from planning to execution. To them, architecture and interior design co-exist to bring the space to life making it an experience also including elements of interior decor with soft furnishings and fabrics to bring it all together into a cohesive space that is aesthetic yet functional. They talk of the process of executing beginning with viewing the space, developing the concept, planning the project with timelines, starting with lighting incorporating natural light during the day and diffused lighting for the night, selecting a colour palette that creates visual harmony and flow throughout the space, not being loud and yet not dull, and finally soft comfortable fabrics to create the warmth. Their work is akin to painting on a canvas where the outcome they seek is for all the elements to work together to strengthen the whole composition. Their design philosophy is modern and timeless, with simple straight lines with open furniture raised off the floor to create an airy feel with no clutter, believing and abiding by the “less is more” adage.

The couple are clearly each other’s greatest admirers and fiercest critiques. Tashnim seems to have succeeded unequivocally in a man’s world where she says respect and etiquette is hard to come by and being firm and standing her ground has seen her through some incredibly challenging situations. At the same time she seems to bring the sensitivity bestowed on women, calling her staff her family that needs taking care of. They seem to derive most joy from clients who say they continue to relish the spaces and homes they have created a decade and beyond. Rohit and Tashnim are currently working on a host of projects spanning villas, offices and stores and their vision is to be able to take their work outside the country and enjoy each project as they come. Here’s wishing the couple much success.






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