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Seven Wonders @ IPDC 2014 – 2015

Bimal Koley’s SEVEN WONDERS’ scooped the President Trophy , the competition top honour at the 2014-2014 International Pearl Design Contest (IPDC) celebrating innovative pearl jewelry designs from artists around the globe.


Bimal Koley


Bimal Koley,who hails from India is a jewellery designer with excellent design skills,strong technical understanding and a sound fashion sense.Currently working as Senior Designer at 7CS group.He has 14 years experience in the field of designing,and has explored different jewellery markets like Dubai,India,and Saudi Arabia.He had a passion of designing since childhood, and  still working on it as he believes there is no end to creativity.

In a span of 14 years of jewellery designing he has won  many awards for his exquisite designs at various competitions like – IIJS (India), CPAA (USA) & DIJW (Dubai). He has Won 2 awards at IIJS (2 consecutive years 2011-2012), 2 awards at CPAA (2 consecutive years 2011-2012) & 1 award at DIJW, 1 award at IJDE Hong Kong. Finalist in JMA2014.


SEVEN WONDERS’ depicts the 7 wonders of the world which are unique and a phenomenon by itself. It is fabricated using different colors of pearls to express the extraordinary marvels of the 7 wonders. It has taken incredible amount of time, struggle and patience to create each wonder to perfection. Similarly, it takes tremendous effort and patience to create a flawless pearl. the design is a sign of timeless beauty and magnificence like the wonders.


Seven Wonders ( Pearl Bangle/Bracelet) by Bimal Koley


As Jewelry & Accessories, with their wealth of meaning and symbol, have long been the unspoken language of people and cultures, fashion and status, magic and ritual, tradition and modernity.



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