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In the off chance you haven’t noticed, Valentine’s Day is here. There are villains and there are heroes, whichever way you look at it. For the upholders of the Indian culture, it’s a concept to be entirely shunned where celebrating love as an occasion is taboo. For the sake of freedom of expression as laid out in our constitution, the media likes to beg to differ. And then there is the commercial engine that churns out the red heart factory demanding that you get soppy and spend the moolah for the proclaimed love of your life lest that love withers away if not nurtured just on the very day.  Anyway who doesn’t like a big soppy love story and we are suckers to the frenzy the day tends to generate.

And therefore this piece…. Ladies and Gentlemen… (Drumroll) ….We present to you our favourite couples. Since we are friends from school, our classmates make the pool of people to take our pick from. And we have some contenders that are well worth the mention.

Mishal and Vinita… For all we know their story could have started off when Mishal was in the 3rd grade. Vinita was in the 9th and Mishal in the 12th which was when it came into the  public domain. And even if they started off then, the childhood sweethearts, now married with a beautiful daughter, settled in the UK, have a two decade old relationship going strong. So here’s a toast to a successful school romance and Valentine’s Day must have come in handy for these two. Mishal’s reticence does not beget the detail, but we’ll make do.

Mishal to Vinita – In Simple words I must say Thanks a lot for putting up with me



And then the bromance and romance of two of our favourite funny boys … Shan and Joseph, who met and married their college sweethearts and have among them a 3 decade relationship in couple years. What is quite fascinating, is that they vacation together and have had two babies each around the same time, make of it what you will.




The Catholic Church proclaims Feb 14th as Valentine’s Day while the Orthodox Church has fixed July 7th as the St. Valentine’s Day, who according to the most popular martyrdom story was imprisoned for marrying soldiers forbidden at the time to marry. In Europe, St, Valentine’s key is gifted to unlock the giver’s heart and to children to ward off the Valentine malady, epilepsy, not conjuring any romantic images in my mind anymore. But as an inspiration, if you are in desperate need for gifting ideas,  a key, attached or unattached, could be an option as a gift to your valentine – sic


Happy Valentine to all the Readers Spread Love & Happiness

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