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Make in India by Youngistan

Yash believes in taking charge of his own destiny displaying a maturity and wisdom that belies his age. In Twitter land he is a vociferous youngster with a passion for football and unapologetically strong language. His life is a whirlwind of activity crammed with college, football, fun and games and parties and deadlines to meet for his clients. In person he is articulate and confident calling himself well-read at the same time respectful crediting his success to his parents and girlfriend, as much as he is self aware of his own strengths. He is the CEO and co-founder of Shining Armour, a sought after digital marketing agency with a clientele constituting high net worth individuals. And Shining Armour was conceptualised by Yash and his partner Sushant when they were merely 17.


Yash & Sushant – Shining Armour


What seemingly has been the linchpin to Yash’s and Sushant’s success is the ability to make mistakes, learn from them and incorporate the learning’s in the next attempt. Self admittedly their key strength is the ability to articulate and make a connect with a prospective client. At school Yash took active interest in debates and cultural events. As a boarder he partook in a student exchange programme and landed a seat in NMIMS through the cultural quota. At the tender age of 10 he undertook his first garage sale of unused toys to be able to buy new ones. In the first year of college, Sushant and Yash interned in marketing for a project ending up being tele-callers cold calling people from spreadsheets. And here is when the two decided that they would start something on their own.

The decision was made on economics and the incremental revenue earning potential of running an enterprise as compared to earning a salary as an employee. Yash says he closed deals ranging from a 100k to 450k while earning a meagre 3k. So they went off and started Shining Armour initially conceptualised as a telemarketing company and in the name of cool rented a fancy office, managed to bag a client whose advance money they spent on coffees and stationery, hired 3 senior college interns at thrice the cost of what they made as tele marketers. They quickly realised this was folly and closed down the office and returned the advance to the client. Not wanting to give up, they brainstormed and realised a creative digital agency was to be their calling having benchmarked another senior group who were billing close to INR100k for a website app. From doodling the first logo of Shining Armour in accounts class in college the two run a professionalised much sought after creative agency and have been personally complimented for their professionalism inspite of being college students by former creative director of Oglivy and Mather, Abhijit Avasthi. Yash also admits his casual college student demeanour helps him crack deals with clients in a maximum of two sittings in comparison to competitors formally garbed.



Yash and Sushant today have over 40 well established clients including “DC- Dilip Chhabria the automobile style guru” and adding ” Couch Tomato “ most recently to their kitty. Couch Tomato is an app bringing creative and special home grown entrepreneurs together. The milestone they aim to reach next in terms of number of clients is a 100. They work with over a dozen team members across the country communicating over email, Skype and whatsapp. Yash not only is fully aware of his personal development milestones but is forthright about it admitting he is a micro manager and according to him this is a killer.  In his words entrepreneurship today is the new cult and there isn’t a time like another with the Government’s funding initiatives to embark on being an entrepreneur.



He is a product of the age of technology and a confident young country. He defies being boxed into a stereotype. But the Overarching theme of his story is of careful and successful parenting where he seems to have been gently encouraged to follow his dreams, not micro managed lest his confidence be trampled upon but carefully and productively channelized. And the result is a young entrepreneur tapping into the potential of a digital world.  Put a few like him together and we could have our own Silicon Valley.  He symbolises the entrepreneur that the government wants to encourage with its make in India campaign. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will be pleased.




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