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We loved the girl in the picture and most of all her brilliant smile. We wanted to know her name and where she is from. We do hope, the photograph wouldn’t be construed as a stereotype of a less privileged childhood. But more  as a testament to spreading happiness through simple gestures that we could extend when we are alive to possibilities as we go through our lives and play out our daily routines.



Here the photographer, Anju, met the girl, in a village near Manchinbele -Bangalore , playing in the field and helping her mother get milk. Anju was captivated by her innocence and the joy in her eyes against the background of the early morning sun. In her brief interaction with Anju she conveyed her love for going to school. The girl, as we simply know her, was intrigued with her camera and she let her play with it and so mesmerised was she with the smile, she captured it. Somehow it occurs to me that the muse in this case managed to spread the cheer to the camera person.


What really inspires me (Anju) while looking at this pic is Virus the virus called smile… spreading happiness across without any expectations and limitations.


Anju is very passionate about photography. She joined hands with couple of like minded friends to form ‘Flashbulbzz Photography ‘ one of the best sports photography groups in Karnataka which covered nearly 100 sports events in all over India in 2 years.







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