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Why the blog?

So many articles written about relationships, managing careers, parenting and doing up house. And we keep thinking, hey we know a better way or we have witnessed someone else we associate with closely doing the same thing much better. And we wanted to tell the world about them.

Everywhere we look, every day we come across people who live ordinary lives under extra-ordinary circumstances. We hope to be able to tell their stories, to draw inspiration from or to just make entertaining reading. Parents raising special children, people making a living with something they are passionate about, survivors of illnesses or any little facet that just strikes us as being unique and special.

We don’t live under any false illusions and don’t assume that what we try to document here has not been done elsewhere much better and in grander scale. But then there are a billion people in the country and we are attempting to talk of our close knit circle of family and friends and widen the horizon as we go along.


Who we are

We have been the best of friends for over two decades beginning our friendship when we were in school. We believe our friendship is unique and extra ordinary. We are chalk and cheese, two completely different individuals but somehow able to beautifully relate to one another.




Krishma’s sense of aesthetic is unparalleled. She is an artist at heart always sketching right from school, making a profession out of her passion in jewellery design. She strives to attain perfection and has won many awards for her jewellery that are truly breathtaking. Her home is a reflection of her design sensibilities, modern and inviting. In her quest for perfection, she straddles two cities, working with artisans in Mumbai bringing her products to clientele in Bangalore. She is one of the most centered people I know and I draw inspiration from her quiet strength and feel blessed to have her in my life.




For me I don’t have a single creative bone in me. I love nature and my favorite time of the day is the mornings with a mug of coffee, watching the birds and the sky before the newspapers come and the big bad world hits me in the face. I straddle two cities as well with the family in one and my work basing me in another. I enjoy motherhood and hope to be able to give little V wings to fly although this mad world makes me want to wrap her in a protective bubble. My blessed parents take care of her now along with the madcap, totally fun father of hers keeping her world safe and happy.



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